#10 – Enter The Dragon

In the future, we will be formatting the lessons as follows. We will list the English excerpt as taken from the book “China Land of Dragons and Emperors”, along with the page number, then list the Chinese translation, followed by the vocabulary for that lesson. The vocabulary for each lesson will also be added to the vocabulary section, which you can refer to at any time.

English Excerpt:

Page 1.

Enter the Dragon

Let’s start before recorded history in the mythical times when dragons were supposed to exist. They were said to have the eyes of a demon and the claws of an eagle. They were associated with power over water, with the lucky number nine and with royalty.

Chinese Translation:

Page 1. = 第 dì 一 yī页 yè

Enter the Dragon (龙 lóng)

Let’s start before recorded history (历 史 lì shǐ) in the mythical times (时间 shí jiān) when dragons (龙 lóng) were supposed to exist. They were said to have the eyes (眼睛 yǎn jīng) of a demon (魔鬼 mó guǐ) and the claws (爪 zhuǎ) of an eagle (鹰 yīng). They were associated with power over water (水 shuǐ), with the lucky number (数 字 shù zì) nine (九 jiǔ) and with royalty (皇 族 huáng zú).


1. Page = 页 yè

Page 1 or first page is translated as 第 一 页。

The word 第 dì is a prefix for ordinal numbers such as first, second, third, fourth etc. 一 means one. 页 means page.

2. Time = 时 shí 间 jiān

时 间 shǐ jiān means Time, Interlude, or Interval. Note the radical
日 rì on the left side of the character 时. 日means sun or day.

时 shǐ

间 jiān

3. Eyes = 眼 yǎn 睛 jīng

眼睛 yǎn jīng means EYE or EYES Note the radical 目 mù to the left of the two characters 眼睛. 目 also means EYE.

眼 yǎn

睛 jīng

4. Demon = 魔 mó 鬼 guǐ

魔 mó 鬼 guǐ means Demon or Devil

魔 mó

鬼 guǐ

鬼 also means Ghost.

5. Claw = 爪 zhuǎ

Note the shape of the word 爪。It resembles a Claw.

6.Eagle = 鹰 yīng

Note the word 鹰 has the radical鸟 niǎo at its bottom. 鸟 means Bird.

7. Water = 水 shuǐ

8. Number = 数 shù 字 zì

数 shù means to Count

字 zì means Word.

Thus 数字 means Counting Word or Number.

9. Nine = 9 = 九 jiǔ

10. Royalty = 皇 huáng 族 zú

皇 族 means Imperial Clan

皇 huáng means emperor or imperial

族 zú means clan