#18 – Protest

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English Excerpt:

Page 6

Second Paragraph

For thousands of years, the dragon has been a symbol of the Chinese people. Some Chinese call themselves ‘sons of the dragon’. The dragon is part of the logo of Hong Kong.

Chinese Translation:

Page 6 (dì 第 liù 六 yè 页)

Second Paragraph (dì 第 er 二 duan 段)

For thousands (几 jǐ 千 qian) of years (年 niań), the dragon (龙 long) has been a symbol (符 fú 号 haò) of the Chinese people (中 Zhong 国 guó 人 reń). Some Chinese (中国人) call (叫 jiaò) themselves (他们自己 tā meń zì jǐ) ‘sons of the dragon’ (龙 long 的 de 儿 eŕ 子zǐ). The dragon 龙 is part of the logo of Hong Kong (香 xiang ̄港 gang).


1. Page 6 = 第六 页 dì liù yè

2. Second Paragraph = 第二 段 dì èr duàn

3. Thousands = 几千 jǐ qian

4. Symbol = 符号 fú haò

5. Chinese people = 中国 人 Zhong guó reń

6. Call = 叫 jiaò

7. Themselves = 他们自己 tā meń zì jǐ

8. Sons of the dragon = 龙 的 儿子 long de ér zi

9. Dragon’s = 龙 的 long de (的 means belonging to)

10. Son = 儿子eŕ zi