#21 – The Power of Numbers

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English Excerpt:

Page 7

Paragraph 1


We have seen that dragons are associated with the lucky number nine. Are there other lucky numbers? The answer is yes.

Chinese Translation:

Page 7, 第 dì 七 qī 页 yè

Paragraph 1, 第 dì 一yī 段 duaǹ

THE POWER (力 lì量liàng) OF NUMBERS: (数 SHÙ 字ZÌ)
WHY 14-YEAR-OLDS (十shí四 sì岁 suì 的de 孩 hái 子zi) ARE UNLUCKY ! (不bù 幸xìng 运yùn 的 de)

We (我wǒ 们meń) have seen that dragons (龙 lonǵ ) are associated with the lucky (幸 xìng 运 yùn 的 de) number (数字) nine (九jiǔ). Are there other lucky (幸运的 ) numbers (数字)? The answer is yes.


1. Page 7 = 第 dì 七 qī 页 yè

2. Paragraph 1= 第 dì 一yī 段 duaǹ

3. Power = 力量 lì liàng

4. Numbers = 数字shù zì

In order to translate the power of numbers into Chinese, one needs to reverse the order of the words power and numbers. The phrase is translated as numbers’ power. The word 的 makes power the attribute of the noun numbers.
Power of Numbers = Numbers’ power = 数 SHÙ 字ZÌ 的 de力lì量 liàng

5. 14-year-olds =十四岁的 shí sì suì de 孩子 hái zi

十 四 岁 shí sì suì=14 years of age
十 shí = ten
四 sì = four
岁 suì = years of age
的 de
孩hái子zi = children

6. unlucky = 不幸运的 bù xìng yùn de

不 = not
幸运 = lucky

7. lucky =幸运的 xìng yùn de