#26 The Power of Number: The Number Six

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English Excerpt:

Page 7

Paragraph 4

The number 6 is also considered lucky in China. The word for 6 sounds like a word “Liu” that means `flowing freely’ or`everything will go smoothly’. Because of this, the number 666 is considered one of the luckiest numbers in Chinese culture. It is often displayed in shop windows and neon signs. License plate AW6666 was recently sold for $272,000
yuan (US$34,000) in an auction to an anonymous bidder in Guanzhou.

Chinese Translation:

Page 7,第 dì七qī页 yè

Paragraph 4,第 dì 四 sì 段 duaǹ

The number (数字 shù zì)6 (六 liù) is also considered lucky ( 辛 运 的 xīn yùn de)in China (中 国 zhōng guó). The word (字zì) for 6 六 sounds like a word “Liu” (流 liú )that means `flowing freely’ or `everything will go smoothly’. Because( 因 为 yīn wéi) of this, the number 数 字 666 is considered one of the luckiest numbers 数字 in Chinese 中 国 culture (文化 wén huà). It is often displayed in shop (商 店 shāng diàn) windows 窗 口 (chuāng kǒu) and neon signs. Car license plate (车 牌 chē pái) AW6666 was recently sold 卖 for 272000 元 (US$34,000 美 金 三 万 四 千 元 měi jīn sān wàn sì qiān yuán) in an auction (拍 卖 pāi mài) to an anonymous (匿 名 的 nì míng de) bidder in Guanzhou ( 广州 guǎng zhōu).


1. Page 7= 第 dì七qī页 yè

2. Paragraph 4= 第 dì 四 sì 段 duaǹ

3. Six = 六 liù

4. Flow = 流 liú

5. Shop=商 店 shāng diàn

6. Window= 窗 口 chuāng kǒu

7. Car License Plate =车 牌 chē pái

8. Auction =拍 卖 pāi mài

9. Anonymous = 匿 名 的 nì míng de

10. Guangzhou= 广 州 guǎng zhōu