#28 What colors mean in China

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English Excerpt:

Page 9,

Paragraph One

What colors mean in China

In ancient China,there were five primary colors: red black green white yellow.

Chinese Translation:

Page 9, 第 九 页dì jiǔ yè

Paragraph One 第 一 段dì yī duàn

What colors (颜 色yán sè )mean in China (中 国zhōng guó)

In (在zài) ancient (古 时gǔ shí) 的 China 中国,there were five (五 种wǔ zhǒng ) primary (基 本jī běn ) colors 颜 色: red (红hóng) black (黑hēi) green (绿lù ) white (白bái ) yellow (黄huáng).


1. Page 9 = 第九页dì jiǔ yè

2. Paragraph One = 第一段dìyī duàn

3. Color = 颜 色 yán sè

4. Ancient = 古时gǔ shí

5. primary = 基本 jī běn

6. red = 红hóng

7. black = 黑hēi

8. green= 绿 lù

9. white = 白bái

10. yellow = 黄huáng