#30-Five Elements (Cont’d)

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English Excerpt:

Page Nine

Paragraph One

On old Chinese maps, south was shown at the top and north at the bottom. The fifth direction was the center, where the country of China was placed. China means middle kingdom.

Chinese Translation:

Page Nine 第 九 页dì jiǔ yè

Paragraph One 第 一 段dì yī duàn

On old Chinese 中 国 maps (地 图dì tú), south (南nán)was shown at the top (上shàng) and north (北běi) at the bottom (下xià). The fifth 第五 direction 方向 was the center (中zhōng ), where the country 国 家 of China was placed. China means middle (中zhōng ) kingdom (国guǒ).


1. Page 9 = 第九页dì jiǔ yè

2. Paragraph One = 第一段dì yī duàn

3. maps = 地图dì tú

Please note that 地 is a stem word which means land. The character following 地 will decide on the meaning of the two words (compound word) placed together. In this case, 图 means picture or drawing or chart. Thus 地图 means land drawing or MAP. There are more than two dozen compound words with 地 as the stem word. Some examples are 地 球 (land ball = earth), 地 理 (land logic = geography), 地雷 (land thunder = land mine), 地震(land shaking = earth-quake),地下 (land below = underground).

4. south = 南 nán

5. top = 上 shàng

6. north = 北 běi

7. bottom = 下 xià

8. center or middle = 中 zhōng

9. China = middle kingdom = middle 中 zhōng
kingdom 国 guǒ