#32 Red Egg Ceremony

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English Excerpt:

Page Nine
Paragraph Three

When a baby is one month old,he is given his
name during a Red Egg ceremony.

Chinese Translation:

Page Nine 第 九 页dì jiǔ yè

Paragraph Three 第 三 段dì sān duàn

When a baby (婴儿yīng ér )is one (一yī) month (月yuè ) old ( 大dà), he (他tā) is given his (他的tā de ) name (名字míng zi) during a Red Egg (红蛋hóng dàn) ceremony (典 礼diǎn lǐ) .


1. baby = 婴儿yīng ér

2. month = 月yuè

*This word means moon as well as month

3. his = 他的tā de

*when the character 的 follows the pronoun 他, then the two words 他的 mean his

4. name = 名字míng zi

5. Red Egg = 红蛋hóng dàn

6. ceremony = 典礼diǎn lǐ