#35- Red Envelopes

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English Excerpt:

Page Nine

Paragraph Three

During Chinese New Year, children are given lucky red envelopes containing money.

Chinese Translation:

Page Nine = 第 九 页 dì jiǔ yè

Paragraph Three = 第 三 段dì sān duàn

During Chinese (中国zhōng guó) New Year (新年xīn nián), children (孩子们hái zǐ mén) are given lucky (辛运的xīn yùn de )red envelopes (红包hóng bāo)containing money ( 钱qián).


1. Chinese New Year = 中国zhōng guó 新年xīn nián

Chinese = 中国zhōng guó
New Year = 新年xīn nián

2. children = 孩子们hái zǐ mén

(A child is 孩 子. Adding the word 们 makes the term plural, turning child 孩 子 into children 孩子们)

3. red envelopes = 红包hóng bāo

4. money = 钱 qián

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