#38 Red (Cont’d)

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English Excerpt:
Page 9

Paragraph 3

In old China , the bride always wore a red dress and rode in a red sedan chair .

Chinese Translation:

Page 9 = 第 九 页dì jiǔ yè

Paragraph 3 = 第 三 段dì sān duàn

In old (古时 gǔ shí )China (中国 zhōng guó), the bride (新娘 xīn niáng ) always wore (穿 chuān) a red dress ( 红袍 hóng páo ) and rode in a red 红 sedan chair ( 轿子 jiào zi).


1. bride = 新 娘xīn niáng

2. Red dress = 红袍hóng páo

3. sedan chair = 轿子 jiào zi

The above images provided by People’s Daily ;cultural-china; 走在台灣的屋頂