#39 Red (Cont’d 2)

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English Excerpt:

Page 9

Paragraph 3

Stock-market gains and dividends are often sent in red envelopes.

Chinese Translation:

Page 9 = 第 九 页dì jiǔ yè

Paragraph 3 = 第 三 段dì sān duàn

Stock-market (证券zhèng quǎn 市场shì chǎng) gains (获利huò lì) and dividends (股息gǔ xī) are often sent in red 红hóng envelopes (信封xìn fēng).


1. Stock-market = 证zhèng券quǎn 市shì场 chǎng

Stock = 证券zhèng quǎn
market = 市场shì chǎng

2. gains = 获利huò lì

3. dividends = 股息gǔ xī

4. envelopes = 信封xìn fēng

**red envelopes can also mean (红包hóng bāo )**.