#43- Black (Cont’d-2)

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English Excerpt:

Page 10
Paragraph 1

He made black his official color. Uniforms, flags and banners at his court were all in black.

Chinese Translation:

Page 10 第 十 页dì shí yè

Paragraph 1 第 一 段dì yī duàn

He (他tā) made black (黑hēi) his (他的tā de) official (官方guān fāng) color (颜色yán sè). Uniforms (制服zhì fú), flags (旗qí) and banners at his 他的 court (宫廷gōng ting) were all in black 黑。


1. official = 官方guān fāng

2. Uniforms =制服zhì fú

3. flags = 旗 qí

4. court =宫廷gōng ting