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English Excerpt:

Page 10

Paragraph 4

White is the color of metal. It corresponds to autumn and the West. White is not a lucky color for Chinese people.

Chinese Translation:

Page 10 = 第 十 页dì shí yè

Paragraph 4 = 第 四 段dì sì duàn

White (白bái) is the color (颜色yán sè) of metal (金属jīn shǔ). It (它tā) corresponds to autumn (秋天qiū tiān)and the West ( 西xī). White 白 is not 不是 a lucky 辛运的(xīng yùn de) color 颜色 for Chinese 中国(zhōng guó) people (人rén ).


1. White = 白 bái

2. metal = 金属jīn shǔ

3. autumn = 秋天qiū tiān

4. Lucky = 辛运的 xìng yùn de