#46-White (Cont’d-2)

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English Excerpt:

Page 11
Paragraph One

When my grandmother died, my big sister and I walked behind her coffin wearing white clothes with white ribbons in our hair.

Chinese Translation:

Page 11 = 第 十 一 页dì shí yī yè

Paragraph One = 第 一 段dì yī duàn

When my (我的wǒ de) grandmother (奶奶nǎi nǎi) )died (死sǐ), my 我的 big sister (大姐dà jiě) and I 我 walked behind her (她的tā de) coffin(棺材guān cái) wearing (穿chuān) white ( 白bái) clothes (衣 服yī fù) with white 白 ribbons (丝 带 sī dài )in our 我们的 hair (头发tóu fǎ).


1.Grandmother = 奶奶nǎi nǎi

2. big sister = 大姐dà jiě

3. coffin = 棺材guān cái

4. white clothes = 白衣服bái yī fù

5. white ribbons = 白丝带bái sī dài

6. Hair = 头发tóu fǎ

Let’s practice AGAIN by the following breakdown sentences!!!

1. When my grandmother died= 當我奶奶死的時候

2. My big sister and I = 我的大姊跟(和)我

3. Walked behind her coffin =走在她的棺材後頭(後面)

4. Wearing white clothes with white ribbons in our hair = 头发(頭髮)上戴了白絲帶,身上穿了白衣服