Bopomofo Sound

The Bopomofo, or Zhuyin, is used to transcribe all the possible sounds in the Chinese language. It was first introduced in the 1910s. While the English alphabet derives from the first two letters (alpha and beta), the “Bopomofo” is named after the first four syllables in Mandarin Chinese.

Bopomofo is the most commonly used system in teaching reading and writing in most Chinese schools. It is also one of the most popular ways used to enter Chinese characters into computers and phones.

Bopomofo vs Pinyin:

Bopomofo or Zhuyin focuses on the sounds used to produce a Chinese word. Pinyin uses the Roman alphabet to transcribe a character.

Learning the Bopomofo system will help Chinese learners to get the actual sound needed to produce the correct word.

Watch this video by Little Fox Chinese to learn and hear how each Bopomofo input is pronounced.