Dr. Adeline Yen Mah meets the founder of Pin Yin Zhou Youguang

Dr. Adeline Yen Mah meets Zhou Youguang About Zhou Youguang About…

#83- Something about the wily eunuch Zhao (Cont’d 3)

Most of them 大 多 数 (大 臣) were frightened 害 怕 of the eunuch 赵太 坚 and said it was a horse 马. (They were right to be scared – Zhao later punished 处 罚 all those 所 有 大 臣 who had dared 敢 说 to call it a deer 鹿.) The phrase pointing to a deer and calling it a horse 指 鹿 为马 has become a well-known proverb 成 语 in the Chinese language. It describes 形容 a situation 壮 况 where right and wrong are deliberately mixed up 是 非 故 意 被 搞 乱…Keep Reading

#82- Something about the wily eunuch Zhao (Cont’d 1)

One day 有 一 天, Eunuch Zhao presented 赠送 a deer 一 匹 鹿 to the Second Emperor at court 朝 廷, all the time 同 时 pointing 指 着 to the animal 动 物and calling it a horse称它 为 马. The Emperor 皇 帝 laughed in disbelief 不 信 而 笑 and asked 询问the ministers 大 臣 们 around him for their opinion 意见 …Keep Reading

#81- Something about the wily eunuch Zhao

Eunuch Zhao 赵 太 监 was now so powerful 势力强大 that he wished 想 作 to be the Emperor 皇 帝 himself. Only只有 one man 一 人 stood 站在 between him and the throne 皇 位 ….. the Second Emperor. He decided 决 定 to test 试 验 the ministers 大 臣 to see 看 how far they would follow him跟随他 多 远…Keep Reading

#80- Prime Minister Li V.S The wily eunuch

Prime Minister Li 李 丞 相 announced 宣 布 that the First Emperor 秦 始 皇 was dead 已 死 and Prince Hu 胡 太 子 was now 现 在 Second Emperor 秦 二 皇. Not long afterwards不 久 以 后, a power struggle 权 力斗 挣 began 开 始 between 之 间 Prime Minister Li and the wily 狡 猾 eunuch 太 监. The Second Emperor 秦 二 皇 sided 帮 with his former 以 前 的 tutor 导 师, Zhao. He had Li executed 伏 法, and appointed 授 任 Zhao Gao 赵 高 to be the new 新 prime minister 丞 相…Keep Reading