#79- The tiger tally (Cont’d 4)

To hide 隐 藏 the odor 臭 味, Prime Minister Li filled 充 满 the coach 车 with salted shellfish 咸 鱼 贝 类 and spread the word 传 播 谣 言 that the Emperor had a sudden 忽 然 craving 欲 望 for preserved abalone 鲍 鱼! They continued 继 续 touring 旅 行 until 直 到 the messenger 送 信 者 returned from 从 the Great Wall 长 城 …Keep Reading

#78- The tiger tally (Cont’d 3)

They announced 宣 布 to the attendants 服 务 人 员 that he was unwell 不 舒 服 and wished 愿 意 to stay 躺 在 in his coach 车 内(马车). But 但 是 the weather 天 气 grew hot 越 来 越 热 and the corpse 死 尸 began开 始 to smell 发 臭…Keep Reading

#77- The tiger tally (Cont’d 2)

Meanwhile 同 时 the three 三 个 conspirators 阴 谋 者, Prince Hu 胡 太 子, Prime Minister Li 李 丞 相 and Eunuch Zhao 赵 太 监, continued 继续touring 旅 游 the country 国 家 as if 若 乎 the Emperor was still还alive 活 着…Keep Reading

#76- The tiger tally (Cont’d 1)

The right half 右 半 was kept 保留by the Emperor. The left half 左 半 was given 给 于 to the commander 统 帅 at the battlefield 战 场. When a messengerʼs 送 信 者 piece fitted 配 合 the commanderʼs, it proved 证 明 that his message 消 息 came directly 直 接 from 从 the Emperor and must be obeyed 听 从 at once 立即.…Keep Reading

#75- The tiger tally

The tiger tally 虎 符 was a traditional 传 统 token 标 志 by which the Emperor transferred 转 移 his power 权 力. Forged 锻链 in bronze 青 铜in the shape 形 状 of a tiger 老 虎, it had two 两 halves 半..…Keep Reading