# 74- Death of The First Emperor (Cont’d 5)

They sent 寄 出 a false 假 letter 信 to Prince Fu ordering 命 令 him to commit suicide 自 杀 . The letter was sealed 密 封 with the Emperorʼs seal 图 章 as if 好 象 it had come from him. Their messenger 送 信 者 rode 骑 马 day and night and arrived 到 达 at the Great Wall 长 城. To prove 证 明 who he was, he gave Prince Fu the matching 相 对 half 另 外一 半of a tiger tally 虎 符..…Keep Reading

# 73- Death of The First Emperor (Cont’d 4)

The letter 信 was sealed 密 封 but 但 是 not yet 还 没 有 given 递给 to the messenger 送 信 者when the Emperor died. Eunuch Zhao 赵 太 监 persuaded 说 服 Prime Minister 丞 相 Li 李 to destroy 毁 坏 the letter. They kept 保 持 the Emperorʼs death a secret 秘 密 and began 开 始 to conspire 密 谋 with his weak-willed 脆 弱 的 younger son, Prince Hu 胡 太 子..…Keep Reading

#72 – Death of The First Emperor (Cont’d 3)

He ordered 命 令 Eunuch 太 监 Zhao Gao 赵 高 to write 写 信 to his elder son 大 儿 子 , Prince Fu Su, 扶 苏 and tell him he must hurry 快 去 to the capital 首 都 and be ready to bury 埋 葬 the Emperorʼs body 尸 体 in the tomb 坟 墓. At that time, Prince Fu was building the Great Wall 长 城 in the north 北 方 with 300000 三 十 万 troops 兵队 under his command 指 挥..…Keep Reading

#71- Death of The First Emperor (Cont’d 2)

Nine months 九 个 月 into the tour 旅行and far 远 from his capital city 首 都, the Emperor 皇 帝 became ill 生病and knew 知 道 he was going to die就 会 死.…Keep Reading

# 70- Death of The First Emperor (Cont’d 1)

He travelled (旅行lǚxíng) in a chariot(双轮马车shuāng lún mǎ chē ) pulled by four horses (四匹马sì pī mǎ). Fastened(联结liánjié) to it was an umbrella(一把伞yī bǎ sǎn ) that could be tilted(倾斜 qīng xié) in any(任何rènhé ) direction (方向 fāng xiàng) to shade(遮蔽zhē bì) him from the sun(太阳tàiyáng).…Keep Reading