# 73- Death of The First Emperor (Cont’d 4)

The letter 信 was sealed 密 封 but 但 是 not yet 还 没 有 given 递给 to the messenger 送 信 者when the Emperor died. Eunuch Zhao 赵 太 监 persuaded 说 服 Prime Minister 丞 相 Li 李 to destroy 毁 坏 the letter. They kept 保 持 the Emperorʼs death a secret 秘 密 and began 开 始 to conspire 密 谋 with his weak-willed 脆 弱 的 younger son, Prince Hu 胡 太 子..…Keep Reading

#72 - Death of The First Emperor (Cont’d 3)

He ordered 命 令 Eunuch 太 监 Zhao Gao 赵 高 to write 写 信 to his elder son 大 儿 子 , Prince Fu Su, 扶 苏 and tell him he must hurry 快 去 to the capital 首 都 and be ready to bury 埋 葬 the Emperorʼs body 尸 体 in the tomb 坟 墓. At that time, Prince Fu was building the Great Wall 长 城 in the north 北 方 with 300000 三 十 万 troops 兵队 under his command 指 挥..…Keep Reading

#71- Death of The First Emperor (Cont’d 2)

Nine months 九 个 月 into the tour 旅行and far 远 from his capital city 首 都, the Emperor 皇 帝 became ill 生病and knew 知 道 he was going to die就 会 死.…Keep Reading

# 70- Death of The First Emperor (Cont'd 1)

He travelled (旅行lǚxíng) in a chariot(双轮马车shuāng lún mǎ chē ) pulled by four horses (四匹马sì pī mǎ). Fastened(联结liánjié) to it was an umbrella(一把伞yī bǎ sǎn ) that could be tilted(倾斜 qīng xié) in any(任何rènhé ) direction (方向 fāng xiàng) to shade(遮蔽zhē bì) him from the sun(太阳tàiyáng).…Keep Reading


When(当 dāng) the First Emperor 秦 始 皇was 49(四 十九 sì shí jiǔ) years (suì) old, he set off(出 发 chū fā) on a tour(参观 cān guān) of his empire(天下 tiān xià). Accompanying (陪伴 péi bàn) him were his Prime Minister(首相 shǒu xiàng)Li Si (李 斯Lǐ Sī), his younger son(小儿子 xiǎo ér zi) Prince Hu Hai (胡亥Hú hài) and the princeʼs 太 子 的 tutor(教师 jiào shī), a (eunuch 太 坚 ) named Zhao Gao(胡亥 hú hài).…Keep Reading