Pinyin Pal

PinYinPal is a free mobile game created by the Chinese Character A Day Foundation. The app is designed to make learning the Chinese language easier.

Players will learn how to read, recognize, and define Mandarin characters through a fun and simple game of Chinese Scrabble. The game uses letters of the alphabet to spell out Mandarin characters.

Are you feeling a little competitive? Challenge your friends to a match where every tile you place on the board accounts for a point. Correctly identifying the character and the definition of the word scores you more points. Helpful tools, including an interactive dictionary, can help you turn the tide in your favor.

PinYinPal is available on iOS devices. Get it from the App Store by clicking here.

Miracle Cards is a free, multi-level online game you can play from your web browser. This card matching game has six levels that help you learn Mandarin Chinese.

In the game, players must choose the card that matches the Chinese word shown on the screen. Players who get the right answer earn points, plus some extra for speed and accuracy. Challenge yourself and earn the top spot in the leaderboards by going through all levels of increasing difficulty.

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Click here to play Miracle Cards.

Miracle Cards