#4 – Hang Zhou Bay’s Grand Bridge

杭  州  湾  大  桥

Hang 杭  Zhou 州  Wan 湾 Da 大 Qiao桥  is the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world.  It is 22 miles long and cost 11.8 billion yuan (1.7 billion US dollars) to build.

Hang Zhou Bay =  杭 州  湾

is an inlet of the East China Sea, bordered by the province of Zhejiang 浙 江

and the municipality of Shanghai 上 海

It lies south of Shanghai 上 海

and ends at the city of Hangzhou 杭 州

Hangzhou Bay  杭 州 湾

contains many small islands.

Opened in May 2008, the bridge has a six-lane motorway and a 10,000 square meter service center in its middle.

The bridge shortened the highway travel distance between Ningbo 宁 波

and Shanghai上 海

by 75 miles and reduced travel time by car from 4 to 2.5 hours.

杭 州 湾  大桥

Hang 杭 Zhou 州 Wan 湾 Da 大Qiao 桥

Hangzhou              Bay         Big         Bridge

杭 is pronounced Hang 

in the second tone /

The left half of 杭 is the radical 木 (There are approximately 200 radicals.  To look up a word (such as ) in the Chinese dictionary, you identify the radical in the word (which in this case is ), and count the number of strokes in (four). In the dictionary, the radicals are categorized in a radical-chart by their number of strokes.  The 4-stroke radical section with radicals such asare preceded by the 1-stroke radical section with radicals such as ,   2-stroke radical section with radicals such as , and 3-stroke radical section with radicals such as .  Go to the radical chart and identify the 4-stroke section.   All the characters with the radical are listed in the section according to the number of strokes in the right half of that word.  In the case of the number of strokes in its right half is again four.)

州 is pronounced Zhou (zh is pronounced like the letter J and zhou sounds like Joe

in the first tone –.  The character 州 means administrative region.

Chinese cities usually consist of two characters.

Hangzhou 杭 州

is the provincial capital of Zhejiang province. Situated 112 miles south-west of Shanghai 上 海

it has a population of 6.5 million.

Founded over two thousand years ago, 杭 州 is renowned for its culture and beauty.  The city wall was built in 591 AD during the Sui 随  

Dynasty (please consult my book titled China: Land of Dragons and Emperors which you can download for free).  The Second Sui 随 Emperor also built the Grand Canal which stretches from Beijing 北 京

(northern capital)  in the North for 1103 miles and ends in 杭州 in the South.  The Grand Canal is the longest artificial river in the world.

杭 州 was the Capitol City of China during the Southern Song 宋 Dynasty.   Marco Polo described it as one of the grandest cities in the world.

The character WAN 湾  

means BAY and is pronounced in the first tone.  Note the three dots radical on the left half of 湾 denoting that the word has something to do with water. Hangzhou Wan 杭 州  湾 means Hangzhou Bay.

The character DA 大  

means BIG, GRAND, GREAT, LARGE, STRONG and is pronounced in the fourth tone.

The character QIAO 桥  

means BRIDGE and is pronounced in the second tone.  The letter Q is pronounced CH in Chinese.  Hence QIAO is pronounced CHIAO.  Note the 木 radical occupying the left half of 桥.

Thus the five characters Hang 杭 Zhou 州 Wan 湾 Da大 Qiao 桥  

are translated as Grand Bridge of Hangzhou Bay.