Miracle Cards is Chinese Character A Day’s free online game for learning Mandarin Chinese. This fun, interactive card game will help you learn the Chinese character or Pin Yin, as well as the pronunciation, for useful words and phrases in Mandarin Chinese. The multi-level Miracle Card game is specifically designed to motivate through fun, the practice and learning of a new language. Play the game to reinforce and retain what you learn in the Video Lessons. Playing Miracle Cards creates a meaningful context to practice speaking Chinese and to recognize Chinese characters in an entertaining, non-stressful way while motivating you to either improve your score and/or to compete with others to win.

The Miracle Card game is a card matching game with six levels of increasing difficulty within each word or phrase category. Cards are dealt in a random order and the player must choose the card that correctly matches the Chinese word card that is thrown down. In the first level, the matching cards have the Chinese character(s) or Pin Yin, a picture of the word object or concept, and the phonetic pronunciation of the Chinese word or phrase. The card to match has a picture and the word in English. When the correct card is chosen, the player has the opportunity to replay the word spoken in Chinese and to record and playback his/her own voice practicing the Chinese word. Each of the remaining five levels is increasing more challenging such that by level 6, the Player will be able to match the audio of the word/phrase spoken in Chinese to a card displaying only the Chinese character(s). Earn points for speed and accuracy to compete with your friends or simply challenge yourself by achieving the highest score.


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