New Feature!!

Announcement From Dr. Mah:

Dear Subscriber,
We have a new and exciting feature that has just been added. It is a card game that we hope you will enjoy playing. The video below is a three year old boy playing our game while learning to read and speak mandarin Chinese at the same time.

The name of our card game is Chinese Fortune. The vocabulary of each week’s lesson is placed into a series of cards. The player is asked to match the English words with the Chinese characters while playing against a time clock. When the correct match is made, the pronunciation of the Chinese word will be announced in mandarin. You get three stars if you match all the cards correctly within the allotted time. Please click SAMPLEto start playing the first game.

Please video yourself or your children playing the game and send us your videos along with your comments. Can you do as well as this little three-year-old?

Best wishes!

– Dr. Adeline Yen Mah