Numbers 1 to 10Who, What/WhyQuantifiers (个, 岁, 本, 些, 块)
Here, There, WhereHow Much, How Many
I, You, Him, HerHow, How About



Learn Chinese EZ

Learn how to write Chinese characters with Learn Chinese EZ. The site features easy to follow guides and a simple interface. They also offer Chinese calligraphy guides.


                                                                ChineseFor.Us features HSK lessons and Chinese listening and speaking questions tailored to your skill level.



Looking for animated Chinese learning content? Chineasy offers colorful and crafty learning guides, as well as wisdom stories, TED talks, and stories about all things Chinese.


Yoyo Chinese

Yoyo Chinese is owned by Yang Yang, a native Chinese speaker. It offers short videos explaining the uses of different Chinese conversational words and phrases as well as Chinese listening guides.

Litao Chinese

Litao Chinese, or Learn Chinese with Litao, is a Youtube channel that features bite-sized lessons on Chinese conversational and pronunciation skills

Mezzofanti Guild

Mezzofanti Guild is a language learning website that features articles from native speakers of a variety of languages. It also hosts a forum where users can sign up to become part of the “Mezzofanti Guild”.

Arch Chinese

Arch Chinese is a premium Chinese learning website designed by Chinese teachers in the United States. It is one of the most popular Chinese learning websites

Dig Mandarin

Dig Mandarin offers Chinese learning courses, as well as HSK courses. It also has comprehensive articles, case studies, and reviews on popular Chinese textbooks and tools.


Loecsen is a free online language course. It tracks your progression and provides printable vocabulary sheets. They have a downloadable app available for both Android and iOS.


Mondly is a free Chinese language learning site that aims to teach Mandarin through easy conversational phrases. They provide voice recordings by native Chinese speakers. Mondly is available on the web, or through their downloadable Android and iOS app.

Fluent U

Fluent U is a blog site that features articles for anyone learning Chinese. It has recommendations for the best podcasts, music, TV shows, and slangs to help you learn the language.

Learn Chinese Free


Learn Chinese Free: Chinese Class 1o1 offers daily Chinese lessons and videos made by real Chinese teachers. It has a public Facebook page.


Learn Chinese 学习中文


Learn Chinese is an open Facebook group where members are encouraged and allowed to post in Chinese.


Learn Chinese in Chinatown



Learn Chinese in Chinatown is a Facebook page with many interactive Chinese learning videos. It tackles grammar, conversational phrases, and word functions.



Chinese Tutor

Chinese Tutor teaches you Chinese starting from the basic consonant and vowel sounds. They also have flashcards, an online dictionary, and speaking practice.


Quick Mandarin

Quick Mandarin is a Pinyin learning site. They have a pinyin table where audio files on how to read a specific Chinese Pinyin can be downloaded.

Free Chinese Lessons

Free Chinese Lessons teaches reading, writing, and speaking at the same time. Lessons are divided into different levels and categories. They also offer newsletter subscription.

Chinese Boost

Chinese Boost is a Chinese resource blog. It features articles, resource websites, and materials for learning Mandarin Chinese. The articles are divided by skill level, Chinese keywords, or HSK levels.

MDBG Chinese Dictionary


MDBG Chinese Dictionary is a free, online English Chinese Dictionary. Translations are given in Simplified or Traditional Chinese.


Chinese Forums

Chinese Forums allows anyone to post about anything related to Chinese. It is a community where native Chinese speakers and beginners can discuss and share ideas.

All Set Learning

All Set Learning is a learning site that alows a personalized Chinese learning experience through their free consultation. They offer 1-on-1 courses and reading materials based on personal preferences.



Richard VanNess Simmons is a faculty member of Rutgers. His profile contains Chinese textbooks, articles, and courses for Chinese learners.



Hanziyuan is a research website on Chinese character origins. The site has been around since 1994.

Zhongwen is an etymology dictionary. It shows where the characters came from and what other characters they form


Chinese Pod

Chinese Pod is a premium Chinese learning website. It offers Chinese courses through audio and video lessons. The course has over 4000 lessons and 6 levels.


Purple Culture

Purple Culture is an online business based in Hong Kong. Their products include Chinese learning software, books, statistical yearbooks, business reports, arts, crafts, and many more. Chinese Chinese is a free, online Chinese course. It features a number of learning tools and resources for its readers. The lessons are of the old FSI Chinese Course standards.


Chinese Converter

Chinese Converter is a website that features different Chinese learning tools.


Native Monks

Native Monks is an online Chinese tutoring system. They offer one-on-one tutoring through a booking system. Users can choose their own teachers and schedule a Skype session

Really Simple HSK

Really Simple HSK is a downloadable Android app designed by Precious Chicken. It teaches HSK levels 1 to 3 through flashcards.


Chinese Learn Online

Chinese Learn Online is an online Chinese learning course. It offers 20-minute daily lessons according to your Chinese skill level.

I Will Teach You A Language

I Will Teach You A Language offers a beginner’s guide to learning Chinese. Partnering up with Sensible Chinese, the article covers most topics designed to help you understand the basics of Chinese. The article is downloadable in PDF format.

Hacking Chinese

Hacking Chinese is a blog with compilations of different Chinese lessons and resources. They are categorized by level, topic, or type.

All Mandarin


All Mandarin is an online Chinese Learning platform. Users can book experienced, native speakers as their teachers. They offer Regular Chinese, Business Chinese, Survival Chinese, Chinese for Kids, Chinese for Teens, and HSK as courses.


Learn Chinese Weekly

Learn Chinese Weekly is a blog by Lydia Lin. It was established in 2011. It features learning articles for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels of skill.

Rocket Language

Rocket Language is a Chinese learning website that features free and paid courses. free subscription includes some articles, tools, and resources. The paid subscription provides 24/7 lifetime online access to lessons, as well as 24/7 forum and email support.

Grasp Chinese

Grasp Chinese is a free online Chinese learning course. It offers browser-based lessons, allowing users access from anywhere in the world.

Hanzi Grids

Hanzi Grids is a site that lets you create your own Chinese writing practice worksheets and templates. These documents are downloadable and printable. is an online Chinese dictionary that offers English to Chinese translation and many more. It also offers German to Chinese translation.


TrainChinese allows users to create personalized lists of Chinese flashcards. It also features example sentences and vocabularies. TrainChinese is available on the web, or in downloadable apps.


Learn Chinese Everyday

Learn Chinese Everyday offers over 2000+ Chinese characters. It started 8 years ago and has been providing one character a day.


Chinese Class 101


Chinese Class 101 is a podcast that offers culturally relevant Chinese lessons. The podcasts are featured on multiple media sites such as BBC and The Wall Street Journal.



Visual Mandarin


Visual Mandarin offers Chinese lessons through podcasts and video lessons. It teaches Chinese speaking, tones, reading and more.


Pop Up Chinese

Pop Up Chinese is the highest rated Chinese podcast on iTunes. Chinese lessons are delivered through podcasts and tools. It is also recognized and recommended by four major Chinese immersion programs in Beijing.

Chinese Teachers

Chinese Teachers is a privately-owned Chinese teaching program. They are a member of the Chinese Language Teachers Association. Chinese teachers have over 233 native speakers as tutors.

Mandarin Spot

Mandarin Spot is an online Chinese dictionary. It can translate English texts into Chinese. It also offers an annotation option.


L-lingo is an online Chinese learning course. They offer over 4000+ vocabulary words and 105 lessons for subscribers. L-lingo focuses on day-to-day Chinese words. The app is downloadable on Android and iOS devices.

Tutor Ming

Tutor Ming is an online Chinese tutoring platform. Subscribers are partnered with certified Chinese consultants for a 25 minute 1-on-1 immersive class.


Chinese Learning Materials


Chinese Learning Materials is a comprehensive list of Chinese learning tools. The sites were collected and listed by Dr. Tim Xie.