Try the PinYinPal mobile app!
  1. Turn on your computer.
  2. Click the Start button in the bottom-left corner of your desktop.
  3. In the Expanded Menu that appears, Select and Click Control Panel on the right.
  4. Once the Control Panel window appears, Select “Clock, Region, and Language” on the lower right side.
  5. In the next Window, Below “Region and Language”, Click “Change keyboards or other input methods.”
  6. A smaller Window will appear and open onto the “Keyboards and Languages” Tab, Click the “Change keyboards…” button.
  7. In the next Window that appears, go to the section “Installed Services” and Click Add.
  8. In the next Window that appears, scroll down and Select Chinese (Simplified, PRC).
  9. Use the square to the left of Chinese (Simplified, PRC) to expend the options; do the same to the square to the left of Keyboard.
  10. Select and check Chinese (Simplified) – Microsoft Pinyin New Experience, it is the second one down.
  11. Click Ok to close the windows.
  12. From now on, there will be a small icon at the bottom-right on your toolbar.  At this moment it should be EN.
  13. You will now be able to click the EN icon to expend the options and select Chinese (Simplified, PRC) to switch between typing in English letters or Chinese characters. (You can also switch to typing in Chinese characters by pressing the Shift and Alt keys on your computer’s keyboard at the same time.)