1. Frequent exposure: When you receive a short list of Chinese words under Vocabulary, please type the pinyin of each word 20 times while repeating that word in the correct tone over and over. The correct tone is provided with the pinyin of each word.

    For instance, the pinyin of 马 is ma. Please type ma and pick out the Chinese character 马 from all the other characters pronounced ma. At the same time, pronounce ma in the correct third tone.

  2. Join a language exchange group
  3. Watch Chinese movies with English subtitles and pick out the simple phrases.
  4. Don’t pay too much attention to Chinese grammar.
  5. Be aware of the Chinese characters on the menu and their meaning when you go to a Chinese restaurant. For example chicken 鸡 duck 鸭 and goose 鹅 all have the bird 鸟 symbol an the right side of the character. Search for them.
  6. Pronunciation of Chinese characters using the alphabet:
    • c is pronounced ts as in bets
    • q is pronounced ch as in cheap
    • x is pronounced sh as in sheep
    • z is pronounced ds as in beds
    • zh is pronounced j as in joke