Ai in Love

The third tile bears the work 爱  AI

pronounced in the fourth tone.  爱 means to love, to like, to be fond of.

爱 人  AI REN

means sweetheart or lover.  In the old days of Communist China, 爱人 also meant wife, husband or life partner.

爱 吃 AI CHI

means fond of eating.

爱 美  AI Mei

means fond of beautifying oneself

我 爱 你  WO AI Ni

means I love you.

你 爱 她  NI AI TA

means You love Her.

我 爱 他  WO AI TA

means I love Him.  Note that (her 她) and (him 他) are pronounced exactly the same.  The two words also mean she and he.

She or her 她 has the radical 女 (girl)on the left.  女 denotes someone female.

He or him 他 has the radical 人 (man) on its left.

Many Chinese people, including me, often mistakenly say he for she and him for her when we speak in English.  Since the two pronouns are both pronounced TA in Chinese, our Chinese minds become confused and the wrong TA comes out of our mouths in English.

By adding the character 们 MEN to the pronoun (他 TA = HE), (我 WO = I), or (你 NI = YOU), we get the plural pronoun 他 们 THEY,  我们 WE or 你 们 YOU (plural)

他 们  TA  MEN

爱 你 AI NI means THEY love you.

我 们  WO MEN

爱你 AI NI  means WE love you.

你 们  NI MEN

爱 他 们 AI TA MEN means ALL OF YOU love THEM.

For homework, please type the word 爱 twenty times.  Then translate the following into Chinese.

I love you.      我 爱 你。

Wo  Ai  Ni.

You love me.你 爱我。

Ni  Ai  WO.

He loves me.  他 爱 我

Ta  Ai  Wo.

She loves me.  她 爱 我。

Ta  Ai  Wo

We love her.    我  们 爱 她

Wo Men Ai Ta

They (female) love all of you.  她 们 爱 你 们 。

Ta Men Ai Ni Men.

All of you love him.  你 们 爱 他。

Ni Men Ai Ta.

Now you know all of the pronouns in Chinese.