Taiwan (Tάi 台 Wān 湾)

台 is pronounced tάi in the second tone. It means platform, stage, terrace.
湾 is pronounced wān in the first tone. It means bay, gulf, a bend in a stream. Note the water radical (three dots) on the left side of the character 湾 which denotes that the word has something to do with water.
台湾 is an island-state situated 99 miles off the south-eastern coast of Mainland China in the Pacific Ocean. Majority of the population came from the neighboring province of Fujian in China and speak Chinese.

Ten = 十shí

Their (ta 他 men 们 de 的)

Them = 他们tā mén) selves = (自己 zì jǐ)
他 们 means they or them

自 己 means self or selves

他 们 自 己 means themselves

They (tā 他 men 们)

Third 第 三 dì sān

Chinese word for number three is 三 sān

When the word 第 dì
is placed before the number 一, the two words 第 三 means Third.

Three (三 sān)

The first three numbers 1,2,and 3 are very easy to write in Chinese. One or 一 yī has one horizontal line. Two or 二 èr has two horizontal lines. And three or 三 sān has three horizontal lines.

Tiger = 虎 hǔ

Time = 时 shí 间 jiān

时 间 shǐ jiān means Time, Interlude, or Interval. Note the radical
日 rì on the left side of the character 时. 日means sun or day.
时 shǐ

间 jiān

Today (Jīn 今 Tiān 天)

今 is pronounced Jīn in the first tone. It means modern, present day, contemporary, of our era, today, now.
天 is pronounced tiān in the first tone. It means day, sky, heaven, god, a period of time, season, weather, nature.

Twenty-seven = 27 = 二 er̀ 十shí七qī

二 er̀

十 shí

七 qī

= two tens and seven

Two meters = 二 米 èr mǐ

Wang Fu = 王 Wanǵ 符 Fú

Name of scholar during Han Dynasty who wrote about dragons.
王 Wanǵ = Common surname. Also means king, prince or grand, great.

符 Fú = symbol

Water = 水 shuǐ

We (wŏ 我 meń 们)

我 is pronounced wŏ in the third tone. 我 means I or me.
When the word meń 们 is added after a pronoun such as 我, that pronoun becomes plural. Thus 我们 means we.
The word 们 is pronounced in the second tone.

Wear = 穿 chuān 

Write (Xǐe 写)

写 is pronounced xǐe in the third tone. (the letter X is pronounced SH in Chinese pinyin). It means write.

Yang = 阳 yanǵ.

In Chinese philosophy, 阳 means the positive or masculine half of nature. Also means sun, sun-light, open or positive.

Yangzi River = 杨子江 Yáng Zǐ Jiāng

Yangzi River is also called 长 江 cháng jiāng.

The word 长 cháng means long

and 江 jiāng means river.
Note the three dots radical to the left of the word 江 indicating that 江 has something to do with water.
Yang Zi Jiang is the longest river in Asia, measuring 6300 kilometers.  It is the third longest river in the world, following the Amazon in South America and the Nile in Africa.

Year (niάn 年)

年 is pronounced in the second tone.

Year of the Rabbit (tù 兔 niάn 年)

Yellow  Dragon = 黄龙 huáng lóng 

Yellow = 黄huáng 
Dragon  = 龙 lóng 

Yellow Emperor = 黄帝huáng dì 

The word  黄 huáng means the color yellow.
It is pronounced in the same tone as 皇 which means Imperial or royal.

Yin = 阴yin̄.

In Chinese philosophy, 阴 is the negative or feminine half of nature. Also means shady, lunar, hidden, private parts.

You (nǐ 你)